Digital Processing Amplifier – 4 x 3000w @ 4 ohm

With total control of all processing via the front panel, and all the remote options you could ever need, the new DPA Series can work alongside your existing amplifiers, with improved flexibility, performance and protection.  Now shipping with 2000+ preset library in AudioCore: Amped Edition!

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Dante Network Audio x 4, AES3 x 2 (four chs.), Analogue x 4.  Mix matrix for power amp and aux source processing.

Dante Network Audio x 4
Aux outputs x 4: XLR line level with independent processing and memories.
Power amplifier outputs(x 4):
Output Power++ (per channel):

Load DPA40 DPA80 DPA100
8R 500W 1000 1400W
4R 1000W 2000 2700W
2.7R* 1400W 2200 3700W
2R 1200W 2000 3500W

Output Power++ (bridged):

Load DPA40 DPA80 DPA100
8R 2000W 4000W 5400W
4R 2400W 4000W 7000W

THD:  better than 0.08% (2kW, 1k)
Freq. resp.: 3Hz-30kHz -3dB

ADC and DAC resolution: 24bit
Internal sample rate: 96kHz
Delay; Polarity; IIR EQ (PEQ, shelving, variQ, all pass, phase, notch, band pass); Crossover up to 48dB/Oct.; FIR filtering; Dynamic EQ~; Program & Peak Limiter

Nominal system gain:  32dB
Mains voltage: 115/230VAC nominal 50-60Hz
(factory set for either 115 or 230V operation)
Mains current:  20A maximum
Suggested circuit breaker: C32
Mains connector:  PowerCon



Remote Control:
Front panel USB (with RS485 relay mode)
Rear Panel RS485 bus
Direct Ethernet (with Rs485 relay mode)
GPIO Port – 2 x IN, 2 x OUT

Dims:  88 x 482 x 458mm (HxWxD)
12.5kg (27.6lbs), Boxed (shipping) 14.5kg (32.0lbs)
11.0kg (24.2lbs), Boxed (shipping) 13.0kg (28.7lbs)
10.0kg (22.0lbs), Boxed (shipping) 12.0kg (26.5lbs)

++Powers measured for continuous music with Crest Factor of 4.8 (14dB)
*2.7 ohm power quoted for highest single ended output and greatest efficiency (3 x 8 ohm parallel drivers).   Amplifier is stable with 2 ohm loads but output will be reduced.
~in future firmware release


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