Cadac X606 Cardioid

6 Channel Beam Forming Cardioid Subwoofer
6 x 6.5″ ported Configuration

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The X606 CARDIOID is a self-powered 3-channel high-end cardioid subwoofer, which features 6 x 6.5″ ported woofers and unique software controllable cardioid radiation pattern. The power output of 1200 W (RMS) ensures for very high SPL down to a frequency of 75 Hz. The cardioid disperson avoids unwanted energy behind the system and reduces the reveberant field at low frequencies while providing highest accuracy in low frequency sound emission. The combination of mapping optimization and direct cardioid radition pattern definition is the most comprehensive and powerful loudspeaker management system on the market. It is seamlessly constructed into the software, cabling and connection concept. The cabinet can be used as a cardioid extension or normal LF extension for the X606. It shares the same outer dimensions and flyware and can be flown together with the X606 as one line like conventional LF extensions or flown behind the X606 with the cardoid flying frame to set up a beamforming cardoid line array system. Due to the fully integrated connection hardware, the subwoofer can be stacked to realize larger systems with up to 10 meters of acoustic length. Internally, one X606 CARDIOID has 6 amplifier and 6 DSP channels. The CADAC DSP-core module platform is integrated with the amplifier section into the loudspeaker. Cabinets are electrically connected by the CADAC C-Link audio and command interface. The CCP control and prediction software can connect to the array via LAN for command and control, Auto-EQ and to calculate sound prediction on listener areas. With the CMAP (mapping optimization mode), the vertical dispersion can be adjusted and optimized according to the listener area.

  • 1200 W RMS amplifier power
  • 6 x 512 FIR taps (FABS© Beam Steering)
    + 1024 FIR taps for AUTO EQ
  • All-in-one software:
    Command, control, beam forming and AUTO
    EQing (direct DSP link)
  • Artifact-free sound transmission from
    75 Hz – 300 kHz
  • 6 amplifiers and 6 DSP channels
  • Avoids unwanted energey behind the system
  • AUTO-recognizing speaker types and system
    size (daisy chaining)
  • C-LINK all-in-one cabling: digital audio,
    command and control
  • Unrivaled accurate low-frequency controllability
  • Connection hardware from cabinet to cabinet
    (up to 10)
  • Premium long-excursion transducers for
    high-end sound transmission
  • 3 auto-redundancy levels (DANTE©, AES3, analog)
  • Smartphone / tablet app for basic control
  • DANTE© interface as standard
  • Dual-range A/D converters (138 dB S/N ratio)
  • Widerange power supply (85-265 VAC)

The X606 CARDIOID was developed for fixed installation as well as mobile sound reinforcement and can be used for music and speech transmission in acoustically very demanding venues.
  • Very high output, high fidelity cardioid subwoofer for multiple applications (performing arts, production, corporate and house of worship)
  • Flown cardioid extension behind X606 in arrays of up to 10 cabinets
  • Flown LF extension for X606 in one line application)


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